Our Yoga Teachers

Our Regular House Ashram Yoga Teachers is Kawidana (or Kawi) who takes the 4 pm Tue, Thu and Saturday Hatha Yoga classes, and being doing so for as long as many of us can remember! On any other days and when  we have enough guests we may extend the above classes to every other days except Sunday 4 – 5.30 pm classes with our young Ashtanga trained teachers (by Ahimsaka) in Kadek Sudiarta and/or Eka. They may be assisted or subbed by our volunteer teachers who come and stay with us from time to time.

Our Retreat or Workshop Yoga Teachers from the very beginning of our BaliAshramYoga and its inception in 2009 have the following own websites for those wishing to delve into it:

Lesley has been passionate about yoga since 2004. Her approach to the asanas is dynamic and robust seeking to balance strength, flexibility and alignment in a series of flowing sequences – vinyasa flow. For Lesley, the challenge becomes one of moving physically while allowing the mind to be at peace.  To ignite the inner fire of passion and determination without it consuming and destroying her peace of mind, ie pushing physically without depleting her energy and sense of fun.  Sometimes, this means easing back a little on our physical exertion in order to make progress; perhaps not taking ourselves too seriously!

She regularly practises pranayama and it is this simple act of breathing which can help create an inner spaciousness. Whether we are moving through postures to the rhythm of our breath or enjoying being still , yoga gives us the opportunity for change within ourselves by creating inner space. This can open us to boundless opportunities, by increasing our flexibility, our suppleness whether it be within our hearts, minds or bodies.

This is what draws Lesley to her yoga mat each day. Teaching allows her the chance to share with others the wonders of this ancient practice of yoga.

Lesley has taught and practised Pranayama, meditation, Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga, Hatha and restorative yoga as well as Vinyasa flow. She is Melbourne based though she travels extensively every year to various yoga places in Asia and can be contacted by email at <lesleymckaig@hotmail.com>