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NOTE: is for communication only for yoga retreats; but if for Ashram accommodation/general inquiries it is . However, don’t stress if you get the two mixed up, we’ll still get back to you.

Scheduled BaliAshramYoga Retreats for 2019 (check-in to 2 pm-check-out dates, more is planned for later perhaps end of August and one in November ):

  • Yoga and Meditation Expand Your Horizon Retreat 8 – 15 June 2019 –  with Leslie McKaig
  • Yoga and Meditation Retreat November 2019 (?)

Visual ‘Folios’ for Our 2019 Retreat and Venue : 

Leslie’s Profile.

Leslie is a fantastic yoga teacher but a quaint old style when it comes to having an online presence on the net, so here is her brief profile:

Lesley has been passionate about yoga since 2004. Her approach to the asanas is dynamic and robust seeking to balance strength, flexibility and alignment in a series of flowing sequences – vinyasa flow. For Lesley, the challenge becomes one of moving physically while allowing the mind to be at peace.  To ignite the inner fire of passion and determination without it consuming and destroying her peace of mind, ie pushing physically without depleting her energy and sense of fun.  Sometimes, this means easing back a little on our physical exertion in order to make progress; perhaps not taking ourselves too seriously!

She regularly practises pranayama and it is this simple act of breathing which can help create an inner spaciousness. Whether we are moving through postures to the rhythm of our breath or enjoying being still , yoga gives us the opportunity for change within ourselves by creating inner space. This can open us to boundless opportunities, by increasing our flexibility, our suppleness whether it be within our hearts, minds or bodies.

This is what draws Lesley to her yoga mat each day. Teaching allows her the chance to share with others the wonders of this ancient practice of yoga.

Lesley has extensively taught and practised Pranayama, meditation, Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga, Hatha and restorative yoga as well as Vinyasa flow. She is Melbourne based though she travels extensively every year to various yoga places in Asia and can be contacted by email at <>

BaliAshramYoga ( or ) runs the yoga retreat/workshop activities since 2010 (therefore deals with all inquiries/correspondence) at, and in partnership with, Gedong Gandhi Ashram, which it supports and helps promote – indeed our very raison détre.

Gedong Gandhi Ashram, aka Ashram Gandhi Çanti Dasa (servant of peace) or Ashram Gandhi ( or or simply Ashram, at Candidasa, Bali ( which runs the first and oldest Ashram in Bali since 1976. Deals with accommodation only booking or general inquiry about Ashram.

The two entities work very closely together but needed to be separate for governance and tax delineation between the two.

Our ‘sankalpa’: A yoga filled retreat with Ashram’s visiting and in-house yoga teachers to gently blend with, and allow the attendees the opportunity to experience and immerse in, our unique Ashram lifestyle and ambiance. Mostly seafront or sea-view bungalows, some backing onto the village’s spring fed pond . Full-meal accommodation with vegetarian and fish dishes. Good value yet with community service orientation (simply being a guest helps finance Ashram’s operations) – a true yoga spirit of seva or selfless service. Access to ashram’s facilities and services. Or to simply interact with ashram members or join the puja/prayers, adjourn to our library or meditation room, or swim in the open sea. Idyllic setting in auspicious environs yet right at the ‘live-centre’ of the lively Candidasa village, should a ‘time out’ is needed!

A quote from past attendee: “..As a yoga beginner before hand I was a little bit scared the level would be too high for me. However, immediately during the first class I found out that the level did not matter. Since the teacher is such a good teacher and the class was small, everyone could do the class at their own “capacity’ “.

Nyepi: Yoga and the Ashram provide the perfect backdrop to Bali’s New Year’s Day of Silence which revolves around individual reflection, to refrain from earthly desires/work or man-made disturbances, and to engage in spiritual readings/pursuits. Hence, total ban on lights, fire, cars and, indeed, airline flights – a unique experience to live the spirit of Nyepi (sepi/quiet). Nyepi falls sometime in March in our Gregorian calendar and we have been running retreat s revolving around this auspicious day in some years. When we are able to we try to organise a retreat revolving around this auspicious day so participants can experience this unique experience in the very environment to suit its intents. Hopefully we can organise one in 2020.

Yoga and Meditation Retreat (8 Day/7 Night):

This is only the broad outline which individual teachers may modify to emphasise their own narrative for the week. A separate brochure may be produced to better reflect the intent.

Day 1 check-in, normal Ashram programs; Day 2- 7 Retreat Progs; Day 8 Morning sessions (2) till lunch, 2 pm check-out. Costs AUD 900 / 1100 for twin-share or non-share/single (additional nightly rate AUD 35 / 45  per person or 2-person. We have the next door’s similar standard accommodation – with shared rear gate  to the Ashram – if Ashram’s limited accommodation is booked out (for simplicity retreat prices are the same but their additional nightly rate is AUD 45 / 55 with same meals and facilities at the Ashram). There is a Farewell Dinner on the last night of retreat.

Primarily our yoga is a blend of daily sun salutation, asana, vinyasa, pranayama, nidra as well as touching into its philosophical and spiritual context. The classes cater the full range of yoga proficiency, as our experienced teachers tune in to the individuals and the week’s narrative. There are links a the end of this document to our teachers, testimonials, blog and previous retreats.

Hatha Yoga Format*  (Bold/Italics – Retreat’s Yoga Activities;  **Strongly recommended Ashram’s prog; these are broad outlines as individual teachers may change some of the times, the focus or order to suit their narrative, or due to operational/group requirements during the retreat week). Ashram Prog is for members, optional for retreat attendees.

Time Activity
5 – 6 am Ashram Prog: **Sunrise Puja (incl. 5.30am Agni Hotra/fire ceremony)
7.00 – 7.45 am Yoga – Sun Salutation/Surya Namaskara
7.45 – 8.30 am Pranayama and Meditation (meditation room)
8.30 – 9.00 am Breakfast with Ashram members
9 – 10 am Free period
10 – 11.45 am Yoga – Asana/Vinyasa/Nidra Class
11.30 – 12 noon Ashram Prog: Midday Puja
12.30 – 1.30 pm Lunch with Ashram members
1.30 – 4.00 pm Free period / Group or Private Tours / Journal writing
4.00–5.15 pm  Ashram Prog: House Yoga ( Hatha Vinyasa / recuperative yoga by House Yoga Teacher) but Retreat Teacher may run a combined session with the House or a parallel only for the Retreat)
**5.15 – 6 pm AshramProg: **Sunset Puja (incl. 5.30pm Agni Hotra/Fire Ceremony – recommended as a natural extension to previous House /Retreat Yoga)
6 – 6.30 pm Free period
6.30 – 7.30 pm Dinner with Ashram members
7.30 – 8 pm Ashram Prog: Night Puja

Normally the retreat will include some excursions, such as a morning yoga session at a water palace, an evening temple prayer followed by temple style meal with the Ashram members, a boat snorkeling with local fishermen (naturally we often swap things around such as to better suit weather forecast ). Or other tour/activities depending on the mix wished by the group. Also there will be a number of individual activities in around the Ashram that will compete for a portion of the ‘free time’ such as acupuncture session at the Ashram’s ‘Nature Cure’ clinic, there’s an excellent and popular masseuse barely a stone’s throw from the Ashram (or have one come to your bungalow), which will impact on the ‘mix’ of yoga/excursion/free time each individual group wishes to do.


  1. To best experience the Ashram environs read its restrictions in of which the important ones are no smoking, no alcohol consumption or sharing of bungalow for unmarried couples (if this is a problem, we can organise accommodation at the homestay next door with a connecting side gate to the Ashram – simply speak to us) . Dress modestly around the Ashram, bathing suit only for around the beach, no nude bathing, or ask at the Ashram. It is a good practice though not compulsory to wrap a sarong over your shorts or yoga tights, esp during communal meal times or prayers, to respect others who do.
  2. Full medical and travel insurance is a compulsory to join the retreat or workshop
  1. All meals, morning/afternoon teas, wifi, refill of drink water bottle (from our large ‘Aqua’ containers, ie less plastic waste), ashram’s facilities  (Gandhi library, puja/ prayers); one temple prayer tour with members, one off-site yoga tour and one snorkeling trip – weather permitting.
  2. Yoga mats, cushions and straps are provided. However, perhaps bring your own and donate to the Ashram at end of your stay to make space for presents to take back from Bali? We also have a limited range of yoga mats for sale at the office.
  1. Airport transfer to and from Ashram is IDR 400,000 each way (abt 1.5 hrs travel, from elsewhere in Bali write to us), to be paid direct to our contract driver to allow for flexibility/adjustment, such as when car sharing is possible etc.
  2. Visa On Arrival (VOA 30 days) is now free for most OECD/EU countries but please check with consulate’s sites, and you require a passport which is valid for at least 6 months.

An airport transfer can be arranged through the ashram for IDR 400,000 (payable direct to the driver, ask for quote from elsewhere in Bali,) If you send through your flight details (flight number and date and time of arrival time – essential to track the flight in case of delays) or (or alternatively contact directly our transport provider Gusde cell phone +62 813 3864 4425 ). For airport pickup our ashram driver will meet you at the passenger exit holding a sign with your name and flight number as identification (if you miss him there, simply go to the nearby Info Desk and ask them to page for Gedong Gandhi Ashram driver and wait there, our drivers are also asked to keep an eye on the Info Desk as well). This method of travel is recommended, as buses from the airport are often unreliable and time consuming. 

  • OPTIONAL COSTS: Additional tours/snorkeling etc can be organised as a group or individual at additional cost, acupuncture IDR 50,000/session or massages at the salon across the road or call to your bungalow (details in our Ashram blog under Ashram Facilities / Supplementary Services )
  • OUR CONTACTS: Voice calls answered only to the alternating non-roaming phone. in Bali +62 (0)8123 7444 388 or in Australia (also WhatsApp) +61 409 505 344. SMS and mailbox are always active. Ashram Address: Jalan Raya Candidasa, Candidasa, Bali ph +62 363 41108 or search Gedong Gandhi Ashram in Google Maps


  1. Write to , advise us on twin-share/non-share and yoga event of your choice and any queries. With the reply we’ll post the email version of this Flyer-Brochure which includes our Bank details (not published on the web version for security reasons) and estimate of costs incurred (or work out the maths from ‘Pricing” above).
  2. Payment (In AUD to our AUD account).

For within Australia a direct bank transfer  in AUD is best but if credit card payment is preferred we can PayPal invoice you payable by credit card. For those in the UK or EU we have our ‘local’ Transferwise GBP and EUR denomination account (and USD account can also be created as needed)  where transfer can be made as if it was a local transfer (after conversion from our AUD prices to your preferred payment currency, and we use the midpoint wholesale exchange rate from ).

Otherwise our preferred payment method is TransferWise for deposit/prepayment to our Australian AUD bank account, in AUD. It is well proven, transparent, faster and charges a fraction of  the banks’. If you are interested or wish to pay via TransferWise please email us and we will send you the link to our account where you can find out more about TransferWise and/or proceed with the fund transfer

You can also pay by PayPal especially if you prefer to pay by credit card, and if so  we will send you the PayPal invoice. Just be mindful that PayPal payment may incur 4% surcharge.

You can still pay via the traditional (and costlier) international bank transfers, and we will send you our banking details. We will advise via email your payment options if you decide to proceed.

Additional Links for prior or during Retreats:   


Collection of photos of the ashram/accommodation/previous retreats

For things to do once you are at the Ashram check this link on our blog



Terms and Conditions for our BaliAshramYoga Retreats
(1) The first AUD 300/person payment constitutes non-refundable deposit. Remainder of payment refundable up to 30 days prior to commencement of retreat/workshop, else forfeited, or at the sole discretion of BaliAshramYoga. Check if any is claimable from the Travel and Medical Insurance (a precondition to join our Retreat or Workshop), depending on your policy (2) PayPal Surcharge (4% for international and 2.25% for within Australia) is the estimated transaction fees charged by PayPal. (3) Dates refer to check-in and check-out dates of retreat/workshop, make sure to book additional nights before hand to ensure availability (4) To pay by Visa Credit or Visa debit card simply follow the instruction on the PayPal Email (5) Booking is only confirmed after payment is made. Payment is taken as agreement to the terms and conditions outlined here (6) We advise Transferwise transactions over Paypal for its ease, transparency, faster and  cheaper transfer and exchange fees.