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Firstly, to clarify on the two entities which often had some people confused. The first entity Gedong Gandhi Ashram, aka as Ashram Gandhi Çanti Dasa (its former name – servant of peace), but also often referred to by its shorter names Ashram Gandhi ( or where you write to for accommodation only bookings) or simply as Ashram, at Candidasa (map location – ). The ‘Ashram’ runs the first and oldest Ashram in Bali which was officially opened in 1976. On the other hand the other entity BaliAshramYoga ( or where you direct yoga retreat /workshop related inquiries/bookings) was created specifically to simplify and increase operations nimbleness to run the yoga retreat/workshop activities at, and in partnership with, the Ashram.

Our ‘sankalpa’: A yoga filled retreat or workshop, with visiting and Ashram’s in-house yoga teachers/practitioners, to gently blend with our unique Ashram ambiance with its  comfortable ocean front or ocean-view bungalows, full-meal accommodation with vegetarian and some fish dishes. The aim was to offer exceptional value yoga retreat/workshop to open the opportunity for attendees  to experience the life at our Gandhian Ashram with its values and focus on community life and service (for a start simply by being a guest  you already helped finance Ashram’s community work). These manifest itself in simple interaction or participation with ahsram members or in puja/prayers, adjourn to our library or meditation room, swim in the open sea, savour the idyllic setting in auspicious environs yet still merely but one step away from the lively shops and cafes at the centre of Candidasa village – should you ever in need of a temporary ‘time out’.  The Testimonials on what others write about their yoga and ashram experience with us will give you a glimpse of what we strive to provide our attendees.

Nyepi: Yoga and the Ashram provide the perfect backdrop to Bali’s New Year’s Day of Silence which revolves around individual reflection, to refrain from earthly desires/work or man-made disturbances, and to engage in spiritual readings/pursuits. Hence, total ban on lights, fire, cars and, indeed, airline flights – a unique experience to live the spirit of Nyepi (sepi/quiet). Nyepi   auspicious day, which the March Dynamic Hatha Yoga Retreat is part of, falls in different days in  March and for the next three years 2016/17/18 it’s 6/28/17 March respectively.

Retreats and Workshops

(For current event dates please check the sub-menu Yoga Calendar 2016 from the highlighted ‘Yoga & Puja’ tag of the main drop-down menu above)

Broadly speaking a retreat is a longer yoga event (8 Days / 7 Nights) therefore the need to intersperse with other activities (temple pilgrim tour/snorkeling/trekking tours etc, as appropriate)  as opposed to the  shorter and more compressed/intensive workshop of 3 full days (plus check in and check out days, hence, 5 days / 4 nights, making external activities difficult to include). The workshop will suit travelers on the go due to its shorter duration which simply makes it easier to squeeze in one’s often busy itinerary.

However, in both retreat or workshop formats a participant can book additional nights as a guest at the Ashram (at IDR 350,000 per night, for more info check Ashram’s Accommodation ). Both bookings can be done through a single booking at To date the yoga event types we run are Dynamic Hatha Retreat, Ashtanga Vinyasa Immersion and H2A Hatha2Ashtanga Workshops which we will outline below.

But first a message to those who may be daunted by the prospect of a yoga retreat or workshop, our advice is – don’t! Our relatively small group size and experienced teachers allow yogis with a range of levels to explore and push their own individual boundaries at their own comfortable paces.  A quote from a participant in the Testimonials is worth remembering –  “..As a yoga beginner before hand I was a little bit  scared the level  would be too high for me. However, immediately during the first class I found out that the level did not matter. Since Ahimsaka is such a good teacher and the class was small, everyone could do the class at their own ‘capacity’ “.

#1 Dynamic Hatha Yoga Retreat (8 Day/7 Night; incl. its Ayurvedic variety):

Day 1 check-in, Ashram progs; Day 2- 7 Retreat Progs; Day 8 Morn sess(2) till lunch, 2 pm check-out. Costs AUD 900 / 1100 for twin-share or non-share/single ;  and we have the next door’s similar standard accommodation option with shared rear gate if Ashram accommodation is booked out.

Primarily the broader Hatha Yoga with a blend of daily sun salutation, asana, vinyasa, pranayama, nidra as well as delving into its philosophical and spiritual context of yoga. The classes cater the full range of yoga proficiencies, as our experienced teachers tune in to the individuals and the week’s narrative. There are links a the end of this document to our teachers, testimonials, blog and previous retreats.

Hatha Yoga Format*  (Bold/Italics – Retreat’s Yoga Activities;  **Strongly recommended; * may differ slightly due to teacher’s ‘call’/style or changes made by the group)


Time Activity
5 – 6 am Optional/Sunrise Puja (incl. Agni Hotra/fire ceremony)
7.00 – 7.45 am Yoga – Sun Salutation/Surya Namaskara
7.45 – 8.30 am Pranayama and Meditation (meditation room)
8.30 – 9.00 am Breakfast with Ashram members
9 – 10 am Free period
10 – 11.45 am Yoga – Asana/Vinyasa/Nidra Class
11.30 – 12 noon Midday Puja (optional)
12.30 – 1.30 pm Lunch with Ashram members
1.30 – 4.00 pm Free period / Group or Private Tours / Activities
4.00–5.30 pm House Yoga (Selection of Hatha/Vinyasa/recuperative yoga)
**5.15 – 6 pm ** Sunset Puja (incl. 5.30pm Agni Hotra/Fire Ceremony – Optional but recommended as a natural extension to previous House Yoga)
6 – 6.30 pm Free period
6.30 – 7.30 pm Dinner with Ashram members
7.30 – 8 pm Night Puja (optional)

#2 Ashtanga Vinyasa Immersion Workshop (5 Days/4 Nights)

Day 1. pm check-in, Ashram progs/yoga; Day 2 – 4 Ashtanga full prog; Day 5 noon check-out. Costs AUD 550 / 650 for twin-share or non-share / single;  and we have the next door’s similar standard accommodation option with shared rear gate if Ashram accommodation is booked out.

An immersion into ashtanga (-vinyasa-) yoga for beginners, the curious and the ashtanga practitioners who wish to explore and deepen their self practice. Inspired on; but not limited to, the ashtanga vinyasa sequence of Sri Patthabi Jois

A full yoga program covering all the 8 limbs (Ashtanga) of yoga according to the yoga sutras. 3 days of exploration and with the focus of establishing, or fine-tuning, your own yoga practice. Not only the yoga asana, but as a whole (holistic) life style. Depending on where you are with your body and mind the sequence can be modified, adding or skipping asana (or vinyasa), and with additional classes specialized in hip-opening, back-bending, vinyasa, and “yin-yoga for ashtangi’s” (weaving the limbs of the 8/astau  limbs of the yoga practice into the physical asana practice) to supply you with more technique, information and practice. Early morning classes are built around the “primary ashtanga sequence”, sun salutations, the primary asana sequence working the whole body/mind. The late morning classes are more of a workshop based class, which target specific parts of the body and mind and go deeper in some of the hatha/ashtanga yoga technique and asana. The late afternoon classes are “lunar-energy” style asana (3rd limb) classes, based of sense-withdrawal “pratyahara”(5th limb), breath exercises (4th limb), concentration techniques (6th limb), elements of yoga nidra and meditation (7th limb). The afternoon session center around the “sukham” part (ease/joy) of the yoga asana, and to apply that into the morning classes, creating sthira (steady/balanced) and sukha within the asana. Making Self-expression part of the whole.

The ashtanga practice is definitely a more strenuous practice, and meant to be a “purifying” practice, the first guide line is always to work within the limits of your own body. Learning to listing to your own body (and breath). From there we explore these limits, taking them as frontiers rather than limitations, and going beyond the set expectations you maybe have of your body and mind.

Ashtanga Format: (meals and puja times etc are the same as with the Hatha Retreat)

  •  6.30 am to 8.15 am: Ashtanga primary Led class (8.30 breakfast)
  • 10.15 am to 12 noon: special class (12.30 pm lunch)
  • 3 pm to 4 pm: Q&A Discussion
  • 4 pm to 5.30: Yin-yoga for Ashtangi’s – targeting connective tissue, sense-withdrawal, breath-work, meditation. (may be open to non retreat’s participants and dinner is t 6.30 pm)

#1 and #2 – Combined Hatha Retreat and Ashtanga Workshop (14 Days/13 Nights)

Day 1. Check-in; Day 2-8 Hatha Prog & check-out; Day 9 Tot Free Day; Day 10 Ashtanga Check-in; Day 11-14 Ashtanga Prog & check-out;  Costs AUD 1300 /  1550 twin-share or single non-share (which includes 2 extra nights which allows a little ‘break’ between the retreat and workshop compared to previous set ups); and we have the next door’s similar standard accommodation option with shared rear gate if Ashram accommodation is booked out.

Depending on your yoga journey this Ashtanga Immersion/Extension is available as a stand alone, esp. for the advanced practitioners; or ‘Combined’ Hatha followed by Ashtanga (14 days / 13 nights, more cost effective) for the less experienced, the little bit rusty, or for those wishing for a gentler Hatha start/refresher before the more intensive/demanding Ashtanga.

#3 Hatha2Ashtanga Workshops (5 Days/4 Nights)

Day 1. pm check-in, Ashram progs/yoga; Day 2 – 4 Hatha2Ashtanga full prog; Day 5 noon check-out. Costs AUD 550 / 650 for twin-share or single non-share; and we have the next door’s similar standard accommodation option with shared rear gate if Ashram accommodation is booked out.

This twenty hours workshop is a middle path between the dynamic hatha yoga retreats and the asthanga vinyasa yoga workshop. It follows the same daily time structure as the ashtanga vinyasa workshop (#2 ie the four sessions of  pre breakfast, morning, mid  afternoon and late afternoon sessions) but allows for more openness and diversity in the classes. Depending on the participant preference and needs it can be individually catered towards a more strengthening ashtanga vinyasa practice (set out by Sri Patthabi Jois), or personal designed sequence to (re-) establish a yoga self-practice for in depth exploration of the practice. Ashtanga vinyasa yoga has it roots in hatha yoga, and both share the same source, the 8 (astau) folded path of yoga written down in the yoga sutras by Patanjali. This exploration will cover all the limbs of the 8 folded path of hatha yoga. The yoga practice has been designed to awaken the inner fire of yoga, which is the thread that weaves through the classes of yoga offered in this workshop. To bring out positive changes in our body, mind and life we must enkindle our inner fire. The workshop is hosted at the Gedong Gandhi Ashram and offers a sublime space for self-reflection and self-realization. This exploration workshop is for anyone who likes to move a bit deeper within, to build a foundation for a yoga self-practice or to just immerse into three full days of yoga to balance body/mind.

Hatha yoga creates an understanding of our solar (ha), and lunar (tha) energy in our body and mind and to use both in our (asana) yoga practice and beyond. The Ashtanga Vinyasa sequence has an equal focus on lengthening and strengthening the body. In the Hatha2Ashtanga workshop we take both angles and join them together as a starting point into our own personal practice. The Ashtanga Primary sequence is used as inspiration for the on going journey into yoga and working our complete body/mind.

The early morning classes will establish a set sequence of yoga asana for you to take up as a self practice. This sequence will have the same structure as the primary series and can be used as a preliminary into the primary sequence, it could also be used as a therapeutic alternative depending on the current body/mind needs, or as a complimentary sequence targeting specific areas of the body/mind that need more attention and development to help facilitate the primary sequence. The mid morning classes will target specific area’s of yoga asana as back bending, inversions, hip-opening, core-strengthening and vinyasa. The mid afternoon session is questions and answers and could cover more the theoretical aspects of yoga. The late afternoon session will be focused on pratyahara yoga; sense-withdrawal, concentration and meditation techniques integrated with the breath and yoga asana. This workshop can be used as in introduction, preparation or exploration into the ashtanga vinyasa yoga as well.

Ashtanga vinyasa is a more strenuous yoga practice, and meant to be heating and purifying the body/mind. Both hatha and vinyasa yoga have many therapeutical aspects in them and are meant to be a (w)holistic practice, targeting the complete body and mental body. The first guide line is always to move within the limits of your own body. Learning to listen to your own body (and breath). From there we explore these limits, taking them as frontiers rather then limitations, and going beyond any set expectations you maybe have of your body/mind.

Summary of Retreat/Workshop Costs

Retreat/Workshop Name Ashram Accomm* Accom next door **
Twin-Share PP Non-Share PP Non-Share PP Per Couple
Dynamic Hatha (8 Days/7 Nights) 900 1100 950 On Request
Ashtanga Vinyasa Immersion (5 Days/4 Nights) 550 650 600 On Request
Hatha Retreat + Ashtanga W/S (14 Days/13 Nights) 1300 1550 1400  On Request
H2A Hatha2Ashtanga (5 Days/4 Nights) 550 650 600 On Request

NOTES:  *Ashram Accommodation for married couple, the same as two PP (per-person) twin-share rates.  **Similar Accommodation next door (ocean front room if available) with shared rear gate to Ashram, is offered only for special cases (eg non married couples) or when all Ashram bungalows are fully booked.

Additional Nights Accommodation at the Ashram

To bear in mind: If coming direct from Europe or the Americas with long flight/time zone crossing, it’s best to allow a day earlier for arrival/check in at the Ashram to get the most out of the retreat and/or workshop time.

Add Ashram’s rate of IDR 350,000 (approx AUD 35) per person per bungalow with IDR 100,000 (approx AUD 10) for each additional adult and for more details please check Ashram Accommodation Only.

Restrictions and Conditions


  • To best experience the Ashram environs read its restrictions in of which the important ones are no smoking, no alcohol consumption or sharing of bungalow for unmarried couples (consider Kelapa Mas next door, speak to us) . Dress modestly around the Ashram, bathing suit only for around the beach, no nude bathing, or ask at the Ashram.
  • Full medical and travel insurance is a must to join the retreat/workshop


  • All meals, wifi (own devices/ be mindful of small quota), refill of drink water bottle (from our large ‘Aqua’ containers, ie less plastic waste), ashram’s facilities (Gandhi library, puja/ prayers), one temple prayer tour with members and one off-site yoga tour (only for Hatha).
  • Yoga mats, cushions and straps are provided. However, perhaps bring your own and donate at end of your stay to make space for presents to take back from Bali?

Not Included: Airport transfer to and from Ashram is IDR 400,000 (abt 1.5 hrs travel) each way, to be paid direct to the driver to allow for flexibility/adjustment, such as when car sharing etc.

OPTIONAL COSTS: Tours/snorkeling etc can be organised as a group or individual, acupuncture IDR 50,000/session or massages (outside providers) IDR 80,000 at your bungalow

OUR CONTACTS: Voice calls answered only when on non-roaming mode either in Bali +62 (0)8123 7444 388 or in Australia +61 (0)409 505 344. SMS and mailbox are always active. Ashram Address: Jalan Raya Candidasa, Candidasa, Bali ph +62 363 41108 or search Gedong Gandhi Ashram in Google Maps

Payment Options

To make a reservation or booking, or an inquiry, please write to us at stating the Retreat/Workshop and dates, any additional nights, accommodation type (share or non-share bungalow), country of residence (esp needed for PayPal payment) and option payment preference (from the three below). We will then reply with our banking details (which, for security reasons we won’t publish online) and/or PayPal invoice as appropriate. The payment options are as follows:

  1. International/Australia Bank Transfer to our AUD Australian Account. For International Transfer there is a transfer fee plus individual bank’s own retail exchange rate (about 3%, at least, worse off for the consumer than the ‘mid-point’ or wholesale exchange rate). For domestic transfer within our Australia where we keep our banking, there is nil fees charged by the major banks.
  2. PayPal (we send you the PayPal invoice in AUD) which we found more transparent and cost effective in our experience (The more tranparent 4% PayPal forex surcharge is added by/payable to PayPal for the conversion rate to the AUD invoiced amount, but using the more favourable mid-point or wholesale exchange rate). From our personal experience and in most cases PayPal is the more cost effective and easy option, but please do your own maths and compare to your own situation.
  3. For those residing in Indonesia and wishing to pay in IDR please indicate this in your registration email and we will include our associate’s Bank Mandiri Indonesian bank account details to enable this in our reply.

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