Ashram Daily Puja

The Ashram conducts four puja or prayer/chanting a day attended  by all members and volunteers. Guests and member of the public are welcome to observe or participate at their own choosing.

The times for each puja are as follows
  1. 5 – 6 am                      Morning Puja with Sunrise Agni Hotra (fire  ceremony)
  2. 11.30 am – 12 pm      Midday Puja
  3. 5.15 – 6 pm                 Twilight Puja+ Sunset Agni Hotra (highly recommended for                                                 those just completing our 4 pm House Yoga) 
  4. 7.30 – 8 pm                Evening Puja 

We do not have straight meditation session as such although the Twilight Puja does start with a silent prayer/meditation. We have some guided meditation incorporated during some of our House Yoga Sessions and during our Ashram Yoga Retreats. We have our own separate meditation room but with our Ashram’s ambiance, one can do one’s own meditation in numerous places/bungalows around the Ashram.


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