Gedong Gandhi Ashram

I am not too sure how this is going to work but the intent is to provide avenue for friends and guests ‘who have a story to tell or share’ (I have heard some pretty remarkable ones) to do so and write their Ashram experiences, be that of a recent visit or (for those souls lucky enough to have met her) of old encounter/s with our late founder, Ibu or Mrs. Gedong Bagoes Oka, or (orfor those super lucky) to have met her husband. Pak I Gusti Bagoes Oka, whose foresight made it all possible

An Ode to the Gedong Gandhi Ashram is perhaps a fine example of things worth sharing

Said the visitor to the Ashram….
“Oh Ashram….how do you bring such peace?”
Said the Ashram to the visitor…
“I am the rocks, I am the trees,
I am the gentle ocean breeze.

I am the cat, I am the cows,
I am the fruit upon the bows.

I am ‘Om’ at breakfast, lunch and dinner,
I am Anna trying to get thinner.

I am ants, and mozies, geckos, too,
I am sunsets with an orange hue.

I am sunlight warm upon your face,
I am Louisa’s smile full of grace

I am all the members warm and kind,
Exuding love for all mankind

I am morning yoga that Jen does teach,
Bending our bodies so we may reach.

I am warm ballads at Jackson’s hand,
I am Louise’s sweet voice to fill the land.

I am the Dutch girls journey to sew their oats,
I am cement walls with Gandhi quotes

I am food that made with T L C,
I am so much more than you can see.

I am morning pancakes, tempe, too
I am food that’s too good to be true.

I am Kawi’s lessons out by the sea,
I am peace and love and Harmony.

I am Terry’s example of a gentle soul
His peaceful spirit should be our goal.

So you see my visitor, its simple, its true…
I am nothing that’s not inside of you

Tracy Villeneuve
Candidasa October 10 / 2011

(with thanks to Tracy, our October 2011 guest from Canada, as penned on the Ashram’s guest-book. Posted on her behalf as she was still ‘Ashram-crawling’ – our ashram was the test run? – now in India. Om Shantih Tracy!)


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