Volunteering & skill-sets


Anyone can apply for the very limited space we have to become a volunteer at the Ashram. Traditionally we look for any able person who can do general work around the Ashram but preference would be given for those with desirable skill-sets such as qualified English (esp those with English as a Second Language) teachers or those with trades skills such as carpentry, electrician etc or any specific skills that maybe of value to the Ashram.

However, due to our great need of yoga teachers for the time being we are putting lower priority on the above skills.

Volunteers are normally expected to stay for a minimum of one month with preference given to those staying longer such as 3 months or above. In return we provide a reduced  rate of IDR 100,000 per night in our special volunteer’s accommodation but otherwise with the same privileges/meals as the guests  (as we still have to pay tax for our ‘guests’ else a free accommodation may also be construed as payment from the Ashram for services rendered which is not allowed for non citizen in Indonesia). The volunteer’s accommodation is situated above the kindergarten with  a bird eye view of the pond, the sea and parts of the Ashram compound. It has detached toilet/shower unlike the bungalows which have the ensuite bathrooms.

Please note that we also encourage full paying guests with the above qualifications who are inclined to contribute their time while they stay with us as a community service  while also experiencing our Ashram life with our members.

Specifics – Volunteer Yoga Teacher

However, in recent times we have an acute need of qualified yoga teachers to assist with the continuity of yoga classes at the Ashram. We have especially created special categories to attract qualified yoga teachers who would like to further their teaching or spiritual seva or selfless service during their yoga journey.

The following are different categories of yoga teachers with different daily charges (as we are required to as a non paying volunteering service for non citizen does not exist):

  1. Full volunteer yoga teacher:  To teach two sessions of yoga classes a day of 7 – 8 am in the morning and 4 – 5.15 pm in the late afternoon except for Sunday. The afternoon one is of higher priority for our guests (and attendees from outside who donate IDR 50,000 to the Ashram) whereas the morning ones which is intended primarily for the young members (so often scrapped due to their school or ashram duties) while guests are also welcome to attend, when it is on. Nightly rate IDR 50,000 with full meals and afternoon teas and used of facilities just like a normal guest
  2. Standard volunteer yoga teacher: To teach  4 – 5.15 pm daily except Sunday with the same accommodation and conditions as Full volunteer.  Nightly rates IDR 100,000
  3. Guest volunteer yoga teacher: the same as Full volunteer (ie teaching twice a day) except a standard bungalow accommodation with a reduced nightly rates of IDR 250,000.

All volunteers are expected to help maintain the shala with all its equipment with the standard volunteer is expected also to attend the pujas.

We are reasonably flexible with the teaching if the odd classes may have to be cancelled due to the volunteers needing to attend personal commitments or special ceremonies etc

Please write to the ashramgandhi@gmail.com if interested in joining any of the above, thank you.



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