Volunteering & skill-sets

Anyone can apply for the very limited space we have to become a volunteer at the Ashram. Generally we look for any able person who can do general work around the Ashram but preference would be given for those with desirable skill-sets such as English teaching or those with trades skills such as carpentry, electrician etc or any specific skills that maybe of value to the Ashram.

Volunteers are normally expected to stay for a minimum of one month with preference given to those staying longer such as 3 months or above. In return we provide a reduced  rate of IDR 100,000 per night in our special volunteer’s accommodation (as we still have to pay tax for our all ‘guests’) but otherwise with the same privileges/meals as the guests.

However, as of this year (2012) with the great expansion in our Yoga programs we now have  acute requirements for formally qualified yoga teachers with accomplished yoga teaching skill-sets. The ‘house’ Ashram yoga is held daily from 4.00 to 5.30 pm (time to fit the fire ceremony agni hotra puja with the members which start around that time)  and the volunteer/yoga teacher is expected to teach all the other days of Tue, Thurs and Saturdays when our resident yoga teacher would be taking the classes.  The volunteer would still be expected to help around the Ashram during the day such as housekeeping of Bale Yoga or Yoga Hall and its many equipment – yoga mats, cushions and pillows etc. In return you will have heavily subsidised accommodation and simply experience the inspiring interaction with the members, staff and, naturally, guest yogi and yogini who generally are special breeds who search for the special place to practise yoga and meditation. You will have plenty of time too to practise and perfect your own yoga and compare notes. Please forward your cv and referrals to the Ashram’s mailbox AshramGandhi@gmail.com (from www.ashramgandhi.com should you be interested in the position).


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