Volunteering & skill-sets


Anyone can apply for the very limited space we have to become a volunteer at the Ashram by simply writing to our mailbox ashramgandhi@gmail.com .

Traditionally we look for any able person who can do general work around the Ashram but preference would be given for those with desirable skill-sets such as qualified English teachers (esp those with English as a Second Language teacher training) or those with trades skills such as carpentry, electrician etc or any specific skills to do the tasks around the Ashram and for some skill transfers to our members as part of their life skills. As of recent times with our needs, yoga teachers are our top priority, hence, our references to Volunteer/Yoga Teacher.

We offer full accommodation and meals with your own  spacious volunteer’s room with a bird’s eye view of the Ashram, the pond and the ocean above our kindergarten (the classes from 7 to 10 am only, hence, very quiet outside that period), but to share a locked bathroom/toilet facilities (if we have more than one volunteer, but in most cases for your own use). You will have your meals with other full paying guests.

We still require a token IDR 100,000 per night as volunteering is a non existent/grey area in the immigration’s restrictive work permit rules and technically our volunteer is still a guest that we have to pay tax on, which we do.  If this is an issue, please mention this when you write to us ( ashramgandhi@gmail.com ) for consideration.

Please note that we also encourage full paying guests with the above qualifications and desire to contribute some their spare time during their stay with us as a community service  while also experiencing our Ashram life with our members.

Hence the need to distinguish the two types of volunteers.

Volunteer/Yoga Teacher

This part deals with the more specific volunteer yoga teacher while some of the principles are also applicable to the general volunteer. We need qualified yoga teachers who would like to further their teaching or spiritual seva selfless service during their yoga journey to assist with the continuity of  our yoga classes at the Ashram.

The yoga class/sessions we endeavour to cover at our ashram is the daily afternoon 4 – 5.15 pm (with focus primarily for Ashram’s guests, casual/drop-in outside guests and Ashram Members) and morning 7 – 8 am (focus on Ashram members and Ashram’s guests only, outside ‘drop-in’ guests allowed only with prior arrangement), except for Sunday. The key sessions are the afternoon for our guests. At present (August 2018) we have regular teachers to cover the afternoon 4 pm classes on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

  1. Full Volunteer/Yoga Teacher:  Normally suitable for longer term volunteer of one month or longer and with it comes our accommodation offer as per above. We hope the volunteer to cover the gaps in the morning and afternoon sessions and to help maintain our seafront yoga shala with all its equipment. The  general volunteer is also expected to participate in member’s’activities such as attending the daily pujas.
  2. Guest Volunteer/Yoga Teacher: Normally for guests with shorter stay at the Ashram in mind, but who would like to contribute some of their skills, labour and time to the Ashram during their stay with us. You pay the normal Ashram’s nightly rates of IDR 350,000 with all meals and you can pick and choose as many or little of the vacant class/sessions as you wish.

In all cases a prior advice as to your availability will be appreciated so that the classes can be correspondingly published to help our guests, drop-in attendees and our own ashram members to plan accordingly.

In both cases it would be helpful if you could tell us your availability in advance so that we can published same for our guests, drop-in attendees and members but, esp with Guest Yoga Teacher,  adhoc ‘subbing‘ of a vacant class is also welcome after discussing it with the office/ashram members so they can in turn assess interest and availability among the guests and members and broadcast accordingly.

The above is simply the broad outline. If you have specific needs or ideas how to make this suits you better please contact us at ashramgandhi@gmail.com so we can discuss them further. Thanking you for your interest in volunteering at the Ashram.



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