The mainstay and the business that finances the bulk of the Ashram operations is the Accommodation business, offering seven bungalows. Hence by simply staying as a guest you are already supporting – or doing your bit – with Ashram’s social projects such as financing the education of the school age young members who otherwise not get one, finance the nature cure acupuncture clinic or the Gandhian kindergarten.

Type of Guests at the Ashram:

  • Standard Guest: Our accommodation nightly rate is IDR 350,000 per person per bungalow with IDR 100,000 for each additional person (or IDR 50,000 for those under 14 years of age)
  • Share Guest: Guest pays Ashram’s rates of IDR 350,000 per night but if the need arises (such as when all bungalows are occupied or reserved) and Ashram is able to pair with same gender room mate, and with the full agreement of all the parties concerned to share,  the nightly rate during the shared room period will drop to IDR 250,000 per person during the duration of room sharing. We have found from our yoga retreats’ experience that many of these ‘roomies’ end up sharing trips and tours together and often became very good friends afterwards – certainly a great way to meet new friends with shared interest in Ashram/Yoga or community service!
  • Volunteer: Very limited number, normally for a few months and advance notice and agreement is essential, with specifically needed skills. Share or non-share room accommodation above the kindergarten ( the only elevated accommodation view at the Ashram). The cost is IDR 100,000 per person as we still have to pay accommodation tax to the local government

To book for or inquire about accommodation it is important to write to (do not write through comment section below, as it is infrequently attended and not designed for quick operational response) with check in and check out dates, and your preference for non-share or shared room. Unfortunately due to a number of no-show or last minute cancellations we are forced to now take a prepaid IDR 700,000 deposit paid to our bank account. If asked by or have your booking confirmed you need to do a deposit via bank transfer and send us a copy of the transaction.

Airport or hotel transfer service is essential to get to the Ashram as, with the now ubiquitous motorbikes, public transport runs very infrequently with unreliable schedules. Ashram does not provide such transport service but will recommend one of our ex Ashram member contract drivers, or you can book directly through one of the driver’s email

The cost for airport pick up or drop off is IDR 400,000 one way (from elsewhere ask for a quote). We will only send pick up car if we have the flight number and ETA (as the drivers will use the flight number to track the flight, esp. if flight is late). The driver will wait at the international passenger final exit (ie past the duty free shop) holding the sign with your name and flight number as their identity, but if you can’t see our driver then proceed to the nearby Info Desk as all drivers are also asked to keep an eye around the Info Desk. They will allow you the use of their phone to call/sms our driver or the Ashram.

Details about the Accommodation:

  • All meals are complimentary inclusion in the accommodation price (ie no refund should you elect to eat elsewhere – or fast! – as, if one were to look around, our price is very good value even if it were without the meals, or the afternoon yoga, just to name a few) . Meals are primarily vegetarian with the odd dish of fish to reflect our Ashram’s connection and support of this once thriving fishing village of Candidasa. Communal meal times with the members are pre-set (at 8.30 am, 12.30 pm and 6.30 pm with mid-afternoon tea served at the bungalow)
  • Ashram’s guests and volunteers can participate for free in our daily 4.00 – 5.30 pm yoga with experienced qualified teachers (guests from our neighbouring hotels flock in for IDR 50,000 – about USD 4! – which is a bargain compared to the IDR 120,000 plus offered in Ubud and elsewhere) . When we have our volunteer or visiting yoga teacher we offer this yoga classes every day (otherwise Tue, Thu, Sat only with resident teacher Kawidana). Other services available is acupuncture (by minimum donation of IDR 50,000) and guests are at liberty to join any of the Ashram’s activities such as the four time a day puja or prayer-chanting or use our Gandhian Library
  • The Ashram offers bungalow style fan-cooled accommodation with full amenities of running water (but no hot water) and bathroom facilities,  fully serviced which includes three sumptuous Balinese family-style vegetarian and fish meals (with extensive use of ingredients simply harvested from the Ashram’s garden or from the local – and fresh – village market) and morning and afternoon snacks all included in our daily rates.
  • All bungalows have ocean outlook and four of the furthest bungalows are wedged between the spring water fed lake on one side – and the ocean on the other (unique and unrivaled anywhere in Bali, even if we say it ourselves). The remaining bungalows still have good views of the ocean and are slightly larger and perhaps better served a family or sharing for a group of friends with our attic, futon style extra bed (most bungalows have these attic style extra bed which also provides that elevated views of the lake and the ocean or the yard with meandering cows, depending where you are) .
  •  Volunteers rate is the nominal IDR 100,000 per day, mainly to cover the tax that we still have to pay. Paying guests stay at the bungalows and Ashram volunteers stay in accommodation above the kindergarten (ironically rooms that offer the better elevated view of the Ashram, the pond and the ocean but bathroom facilities are shared downstairs).
  • Please note our Ashram Restrictions including no smoking or consumption of alcohol at the Ashram, no sharing of bungalows for unmarried couples (out of respect to our young members who lead a life of simplicity and chastity at the Ashram), appropriate dress code, no nude bathing and swim suits/bikinis confined to the beach area. If you find these restrictive then perhaps you should look elsewhere as we accept that Ashram experience is not for everyone
  • Some shots of and from the bungalows

2 Responses to Accommodation

  1. Gillian smithard says:

    Good afternoon. I am on Nusa L now leaving for Penang Bay tomorrow 13th Feb. I met Beverly from Canada who will be your guest and she told me about your
    By chance would you have a vacancy for a seaside room for 14, 15, 16Feb. If the weekend is difficult, dates are a little flexible. I prefer no roommate.
    I am interested and practice spirituality.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Gillian from Canada

    • ashramgandhi says:

      Hi Gillian, Yes we have one bungalow which I have provisionally marked for you on the spreadsheet. However you must write and mention this to and ask them to confirm the booking for you. Someone will look at it tomorrow. Best wishes, Rudi Oka

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