This blog represents one piece of the jigsaw that encompasses the greater Gedong Gandhi Ashram web presence, or web ‘nodes’, therefore consisting of the following links:

  • www.ashramgandhi.wordpress.com – this blog you are reading now which is the more ‘interactive’ part of the jigsaw containing postings categorised into Events, Testimonials and Yoga
  • www.ashramgandhi.com – the website of Gedong Gandhi Ashram / Ashram Gandhi Candidasa, located in Bali, Indonesia. This piece represents the more ‘static’ information about the Ashram such as its Concept/History/Background, Information about Accommodation/Daily Rates and How to contact us
  • ashram gandhi and yoga photo collection – the images for the ashram, presented in sets of bungalows/accommodation; yoga/retreats; or general
  • www.facebook/ashramcandidasa – Gedong Gandhi Ashram Facebook Page. Perhaps the more effective way to feedback, converse and engage us quickly (esp. on matters such as operational) if you happen to have a Facebook account. But you need to ‘Like‘ us first which we’re sure you do! For those without or an aversion to one then the ashramgandhi blog that you are reading now along with ashramgandhi@gmail.com email are the alternatives
  • www.baliashramyoga.com – the website for our Ashram Yoga Retreats which organises ashram yoga retreats and tours which, naturally, lists past and upcoming programs with prices, ashram/general travel tips etc where you can register and make payments for the retreats/tours
  • www.facebook.com/baliahsramyoga – The Bali Ashram Yoga (Retreats) Facebook Page which is the social media for the Ashram Yoga Retreats where we update and list relevant info to upcoming programs and where members can write their comments and post their photos or video etc.

We will use this blog to disseminate and discuss events and matters related to the Ashram as well as that of our founder, Ibu or Mrs Gedong Bagoes Oka, who we still remember fondly and whose name still evokes emotions and goodwill from many old friends of the Ashram. We feel that all these need to be captured in a single forum and repository where further comments or discussions may take place. Suggestions, advice or criticism on the Ashram or website will also be catered in this blog, and for now most of it can be done by simply writing at the end of each page or posting.

This blog is maintained and edited by Rudi Oka, the fourth of Ibu‘s six sons. With your cooperation and goodwill we hope that this blog will be greatly useful and continually improve to truly cater the needs of the Ashram and its ever expanding community, and in the process help the Ashram deliver its services.

Om Shantih!


5 Responses to About

  1. padi says:

    looking forward to a longer stay on my next visit. Thankyou Kawe and Esther for the shapes. namaste and shanti Padi

  2. shangkala says:

    Om Swastiastu
    Saya tertarik dengan Ashram Gandhi.
    Contact personnya siapa? No.telp yg bs dihubungi?
    please email saya :
    Thank u 😉

    • ashramgandhi says:

      Om Swastiastu,

      Contact address email & telephone buat Ashram Gandhi ada di ‘contact us’ di ashramgandhi.com, dan contact personnya Pak Kawidana.


  3. Aart Dronkers says:

    My name is Aart Dronkers, the youngest son of Pieter Dronkers, who lived with his wife Digna on Bali from 1945-1950. He was a good friend of Ibu Gedong Bagoes Oka and supported AshramGandhi financially in 1978. We look forward to visit your place today April 22, 2016.
    Kind regards, Aart Dronkers

    • ashramgandhi says:

      Greetings Pieter, This is Rudi Oka the fourth son of Ibu but alas I’m in Melbourne! I will email the Ashram and will try to get our vice chair who is also the acupuncturist there, Pak Sadra to be on hand if possible. He was Ibu’s rhight hand man since the inception of the Ashram. I hope that you can have a good look around and see that we are still working hard to keep the vision going. Om Shantih, Rudi

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