Season’s Greetings and New Year 2014

2013GGA XmasCard - less PXOm Swastiastu, (Peace greetings in Balinese)

We simply do not know where has the year 2013, which is soon to disappear, gone, finito. All seemingly in the blink of an eye!

Like the mental picture of a swan that effortlessly glides across a river, under the surface and out of view at times we feel that we’ve been paddling as if our lives depended on it. Above the water our Ashram ‘swan’ may not glide as smoothly as we’d like to – and even less so below it, but try we did. We’ve made mistakes, things happened slower than we like, but the Ashram continued to be the life-coach-and-teacher for many of us. It’s about patience, humility, collaboration, love, good intent and oh – a touch of craziness, faith, perseverance and a sprinkle of risk takings in trying new things! For one we are rejuvenating our yoga program with extra classes of House Yoga (when we have the volunteer teachers), resuming our yoga for the members and striving for a more regular/frequent yoga retreats at the Ashram. Often out of the blue we are presented with opportunities and we’re simply amazed at the extraordinary goodwill of ‘strangers’, so to speak.

Thankfully we have a number of ‘crazy’ Ashram friends who helped us soldier on during our inevitable ebb and flow and all of you, dear and valued Ashram friends who perhaps share a commonality of The Ashram making its lasting impression on us, for your patronage and general support. Let us also not forget the continued hard work of our Ashram members/senior members, hence, we think it is highly appropriate to use the picture of our two tireless Ashram members who have been the quiet ‘backbones’ of the Ashram at Candidasa almost since its inception, with our e-greeting card above. Most of you would have met Sitep (R) who is our chief cook and Wenten (L) who does the shopping and ‘everything else’. The Ashram has been blessed with many talents of great character for without them and our numerous Ashram friends, it will not be what it is today. For that infinite gratitude to each and everyone of you with your unique contributions to have helped make whatever little progress we made in 2013, and to sustain our earlier gains – no small task in itself.

There’s a lot more to do and a lot is planned for 2014 but with all your continued support and goodwill, we feel that we will make the big strides. We look forward to seeing some of you at the Ashram, hopefully in 2014, or simply be in communication or follow us from afar through our Ashram website, our Facebook Page or through this very blog you are reading now. 

Once again, our heartfelt thanks as we wish you a very merry festive season, a great 2014, and to stay healthy and safe.

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih Om

Gedong Gandhi Ashram

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1 Response to Season’s Greetings and New Year 2014

  1. i visited your ashram and was so happy there. and i received regular mails. but my previous email address was blocked , so i didn’t receive mails anymore. now i have sent you my new email address. i hope to return to your ashram
    with kind regards, olga van randwijck from barcelona.

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