Jetstar: Last week was Melbournians but this week is Sydneysiders’ turn.  Bali flights early Nov to mid Dec 2013 for $359 one way with booking from today 14 Nov till sold out.  Sorry no yoga retreat schedule around this time but check Gedong Gandhi Ashram for ashram accommodation & house ashram yoga and book via ashramgandhi@gmail.com

JetStar: This is especially for those Melbournians who are sick and tired of our generally woeful cold and wet November and wish and able to get away! Bali flights early Nov to mid Dec 2013 for $329 one way (ok not the greatest special but Bali’s becoming a premium destination market) which  could be tempting looking at the grey sky outside. From 4 pm today 8 Nov till sold out. Write to ashramgandhi@gmail.com for Ashram’s accommodation

Flight Watch is about sharing flight info. We will publish known flight sale offers to Bali, especially those suitable for our yoga retreats (mostly from Australia and non exhaustive, so still check Garuda etc).  Please email us of any offers that you know to share ( esp. from our customer bases of Netherlands/Europe and USA). As a rule of thumb from Australia the March/Nyepi/ Bali’s Day of Silence Retreat is during the off-peak period as still far enough from Easter. So if you have flexibility and would like to attend one retreat at budget airfares, the Nyepi is the one to aim for.

2014 Retreats: (#9) 29 Mar – 5 Apr ‘NYEPI’ Dynamic Hatha; (#10) 5-9 Apr Ashtanga Immersion; (#11) 28 Jun – 5 July Hatha; (#12) 5-9 July Ashtanga ; (#13) 23-30 Aug Hatha; (#14) 30Aug-3 Sep Ashtanga; (#15) 25Oct-1 Nov Hatha; (#16) 1-5 Nov Ashtanga    

AirAsia: (Archived) Special for NEW Adelaide – Asia flights with Bali flights for $199 for travel 30 Oct 2013 to 5 Aug 2014 (in time for our March and July 2014 retreats). Booking 30 July – 4 Aug 2013. If you can book at the advertised price for July (school hol) retreat, it’s a bargain which may make it worthwhile even if you are from neighbouring Melbourne.

AirAsia (expired)*I have difficulties in negotiating their sales website but if you are patient (and cleverer than me) this ‘poptastic’ sales appear attractive with $159 for Perth to Bali and $199/$219/$229 from Per/Mel/Syd to KL encompassing Sept school hols (or our 21-28 Sep Retreat) seems attractive, even after adding own sector KL-Bali. Have to book by 9 June 2013.

AirAsia (expired)  *1Good fares (considering Aus School Hols) to KL  from Mel, Syd, Gold Coast  for Jun/July 2013 retreats  and Sep 2013 retreat    Flights from 1/6 to 30/9 book from  20/5 to 30/6 but have to find own connecting flights to Bali. Worth a check with AirAsia.           *2. Also offers $129  Darwin-Bali and $92 Bali-Darwin to fly 1/9 to 30/12 (good price for Aus school hols covering our Sep 2013 retreat) book from 20-26 May.  Perfect for Darwinians but from elsewhere in Australia, the catch is one has to find own flights to Darwin first!

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