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A very warm welcome indeed to all our Ashram friends for visiting our ashramgandhi blog. You may have come here from our other web ‘nodes’ such as our ashramgandhi.com or from elsewhere to look for specific information, or just to browse to find out a little bit more about the Ashram. We hope that you find what you are looking for but if not please go to About from the above main menu to see where else in our other Web ‘nodes’ you could possibly find the information you are after – or to raise a query.

This blog endeavours to help link up all the Ashram’s other Web ‘nodes’ which receive, disseminate and manage all information about and on behalf of Gedong Gandhi Ashram. The blog also performs the twin roles of an exchange for the  ‘query & response’ (along with our Facebook Page), and for posting ‘non-static’ articles and info about the Ashram and its activities, as opposed to the ‘static’ ones (such as our address, history/values/mission, rates for our accommodation for our paying guests which do not, or rarely, change) which are catered for by our primary website, the ashramgandhi.com . The full list and roles of  the Ashram’s other Web ‘nodes’ are described in About.

To navigate around the blog should be intuitive enough with drop-down main menu just below our banner (simply hover your cursor along the headings Home, About etc now to see the sub-menu options) with a number of drop-down and other options also from the right-hand-side menu.


The picturesque view of tranquillity of Gedong Gandhi Ashram, Candidasa, Bali, from the lake side

Feedback and Comment

Good management of these is very important to the good running of an organisation. The blog deals best when these are in relation to specific articles, or testimonial in nature, but for day to day queries or comments it is much more efficient to do it through our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/ashramcandidasa (for those with Facebook account) or by writing directly to our mailbox ashramgandhi@gmail.com. No it is not a plug for Facebook as I fully understand that not everyone has an account and that some people – I was one of them and still am treating it with care – have aversion or resistant to it. However, FB is tailored very much for ‘conversations’ within a community and does the task very well if one is sensible about its use and what private info we put in it (I’ll confess – in my case none! And I don’t respond to ‘apps’ that require you to agree to have your list of friends and private info – whatever little there is – made available for analysis, to be drilled down by a third party, or so that my FB friends can be approached with unsolicited offers or, worse still, exposed to some virus). Like any tool, use it to a level you are comfortable with and be mindful that misuse will result in unintended consequences.

In keeping with the above we strongly urge you to communicate to us (especially the bad ones though, of course, we love to hear where we’ve done things right), your experiences with our blog, website or Ashram as we try to continually improve the quality of our services. Thanking you in anticipation, and we wish you a pleasant browsing (and ultimately a pleasant experience with our Ashram or yoga or our related activities) through this blog.

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih Om!

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